HungChains™ was created by Rachel Lauren Bleemer and Alexandra Goodstone. They handmake one-of-a-kind chains for glasses in New York and Miami.


Rachel Lauren Bleemer –

Rachel Bleemer's bio-pic

Rachel Bleemer

Rachel was born in New Jersey but raised in sunny Miami Beach. She recently graduated from Barry University with a Bachelor of Arts in advertising and a minor in photography. Her style captures the culture and pizazz of South Florida, combining elegance with edge. Living in the tropics, sunglasses are an everyday accessory for most and eyeglasses are a necessity for even more. Motivated by the misplacement of more than a few pairs of glasses and with great appreciation for things from the past; Rachel and her best friend Alexandra aspire to add some fun to your appearance.


Alexandra Goodstone –

Alexandra Goodstone

Alexandra Goodstone

Alexandra was born and raised in Miami Beach. A graduate of NYU, she now lives in New York City. Alexandra has always had a keen sense of fashion. Having also briefly lived in London and Madrid, her style is derived from influences across the globe. Alexandra and her life long friend Rachel wanted to continue the collaboration which began in pre-school, so together created HungChains™.



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